Narendra Modi, the man as per Vedic Astrology

श्री गणेशाय नम:
ॐ गुरुभ्यो नम:
ॐ ऋषीभ्यो नम:
I start this analysis by taking Maa Jagadambaa’s sacred name _/\_  Date: 25th December 2012
Narendra Modi’s Chart analysis
Shri Narendra Modi’s importance from India’s Socio-Political perspective is increasing by leaps and bounds since last decade. As the popular saying goes - “You either love him or hate him, but, you cannot ignore him”. In the interest of full disclosure, I must state here that I am a staunch supporter of Narendra Modi, and have been following his career closely since the year 2002; and as such, would like to apologize beforehand for any statements in this article which may be perceived as biased. Keeping aside further Non-astrological matters let me straight away go into the analysis of his charts, which I did a couple of months back.
Narendra Modi’s birth details are: 17th September 1950, Vadnagar (Gujrat, India), 72e38,23n47 There is no dispute about the data above, however, there are various birth times that were speculate…

2019 General Election of Modern Bharat - Jyotish Perspective


This is the PDF article which provides Jyotish perspectives on coming General Elections of Modern Bharat (Part-2) as well as proposes a transit clue to judge overall results of State Elections (Part-1).

Those who are only interested in the final conclusions, can directly go to the last section of both Part-1 & 2. Those interested in details of Jyotish perspective may like to go through the entire article.

Please note that, not all details of Jyotish aspect are covered keeping in mind the length of the article.

Enjoy reading!

2019 General Elections of Modern Bharat - Jyotish Perspective

ADDED ON 13.03.2019

This Annexure is written post the Election Schedule declared by the ECI. With the dates are known now, I checked the transit influences on the result day and tried to assess the possible outcome. link is given below:

2019 General Ele - final assessment based on Result date


Karnataka Election with eye of Jyotish Shastra - Unique way of State chart only

ॐ गं गणपतये नम:

[Predictions given here in this blog or anywhere by any Jyotish Student, if comes out correct, is due to the glory of this divine Vedic Jyotish Shāstra (ज्योतिष शास्त्र). If the prediction goes partially correct or completely wrong is only due to the weakness of the person(s) and never the divine knowledge provided by ancient Rishis.]  
This article is mainly triggered by a couple of comments on this blog and on Twitter which rejected the use of "State Kundali (Astrological chart)". They said that there are no indications in Jyotish Classics on casting *such charts* to decipher Mundane matters. They said, the concept of making a State's chart, Nation's chart and use it for mundane matters (like Government etc) is a flawed concept and does not have the sanction of the Rishis.

I have arrived at conclusions which humbly refutes the above described opinion by few critiques:

1) I do not accept the opinion that one should only remain limited to the boundarie…

Gujarat Elections - Analysing the Date of Results- 18th Dec 2017

Gujarat Assembly Elections - The day of results

On 29th September (9th day of Nvaraatris), possibilities of Gujarat election were decoded in this article >

The article was written when the schedule of Elections was not announced by Election Commission. Now that we know the date of results being 18th Dec 2017, i tried to analyze the Jyotish aspects on the very day.
Configurations and status of the Grahas on 18th December are mentioned below.
1) 1st and foremost, its an Amaavasya (अमावस्य) day!! Surya, Chandra and Shani are together in Dhanu Rashi which is the Lagna of Gujarat
2) Guru-Magal (1st-5th lord) combination in Libra (11th house of Gujarat’s Kundali)
3) In Navamansha, Mangal is Exalted in Makar Rashi, Sun is Exalted in Mesha Rashi where as Shukra is Exalted in Meena Rashi.
4) Exalted Surya is placed with Guru and Chandra in Navamaansha.

These results are going to set the tempo of 2019 Mahabha…

॥ Satsang-7 ॥ Who AM I?

Who AM I?
In this ongoing series of Satsang, our objective is to put up something worthwhile for spiritual seekers. A sincere Spiritual Seeker, who is the co-author of this blog, in her deeply introvert mood got inspired to record the famous "Who Am I?" teachings of Bhagwan Shri Ramana Maharshi. She recorded this sublimest teaching of Shri Ramana on 5th October 2017, which was coincidentally, the Sharad Pournima day!

As many would know, "Who Am I?" is the earliest and one of the most profound teachings of Shri Ramana. It is originally in the form of "Questions and Answers". Maharshi used to say that crux of his entire teachings is in this knowledge. The later elaborations are only required when "Who am I" is not fully grasped.

Not writing any further, we are giving the links for "pdf document" and the "recorded Video". One can meditate on it to dive deep within! We sincerely hope that spiritual seekers on every path would fin…

GST (Goods & Service Tax) - Jyotish Perspective!

ॐ महालक्ष्म्यै नम:

Namaste Readers,

GST was implemented on 1st of July 00.01 am (Mid Night) in the Parliament house.
This was termed as "The biggest Tax reform of Independent India" and Prime Minister Modi in his speech said,: "Freedom from Tax Terrorism at Mid night".

I analyzed the GST Chart with Jyotish perspective at the same time through my chain of Tweets. (Please note that the date stamp on those tweets is 30th June as I am based in UAE which is 1.5 hours behind India).

When I am writing this, Modi government has done important announcements on GST and reduced Tax slab on few important items/fields to boost the economy. This shows the robust feedback system and committed approach of this government to the well -being of people of the country.

I wish to draw your attention specifically to tweet no 20 - wherein, it was mentioned that initial four months would be difficult - we are well in to October i.e. 4th Month since GST is implemented. There were some diff…

Gujarat Assembly Elections 2017 – A Jyotish perspective

Gujarat Elections 2017 – A Jyotish perspective
Day of writing: Ashwin Shukla Navami (Concluding day of Navarātri)
Date: 29th September 2017
There is no better time to analyze one of the most important events in Gujarat state than Ashwin Navaraatris. Jagadamba is the most revered Divine Mother in entire Gujarat and HER power & divinity filled 9 days & nights are the most appropriate time to look into coming future of State elections.

I would try to keep this article as concise as possible. The assembly elections in Gujarat are likely to be conducted around mid of December 2017 – Just 2.5 months away from now.
As per my Astrological assessment, the most important influential charts in this election are following: Jyotish Charts of: BJP Congress Narendra Modi Amit Shah Vijay Rupani
From above charts, Shree Vijay Rupani’s chart is not considered as I do not have his authentic data and to my mind, he is not the dominating influencer in this particular election.
Speaking of individuals, NaMo…

Remembering Swami Vivekananda

I don't remember the exact year but it was sometime in the 90's that my father brought home two books that he picked from a Railway station during his rare sojourn outside Jaipur. One was, 'Autobiography of a Yogi' and other was, 'Teachings of Swami Vivekananda'. I was a teenager at that time, may be 15 or 16 years and there was literally no non-academic book at our home though I used to read books borrowed from the school library. I vaguely remember my cheery surprise at spotting the books because in those tumultuous years of exodus from Kashmir, we were trained to be thrifty and spending on anything more than basic needs was a luxury.

'Autobiography of a Yogi' introduced me to the extraordinary Beings called Yogis and my young mind marveled at the events in the life of Paramhansa Yogananda. But it was teachings of Swami Vivekanada that I read over and over again, over many years. It was my first introduction to the Hindu thought and the Paramatma tha…