Astrological analysis of Narendra Modi


श्री गणेशाय नम:
ॐ गुरुभ्यो नम:
ॐ ऋषीभ्यो नम:
                   I start this analysis by taking Maa Jagadambaa’s sacred name _/\_
 Date: 25th December 2012

Narendra Modi’s Chart analysis

Shri Narendra Modi’s importance from India’s Socio-Political perspective is increasing by leaps and bounds since last decade. As the popular saying goes - “You either love him or hate him, but, you cannot ignore him”. In the interest of full disclosure, I must state here that I am a staunch supporter of Narendra Modi, and have been following his career closely since the year 2002; and as such, would like to apologize beforehand for any statements in this article which may be perceived as biased. Keeping aside further Non-astrological matters let me straight away go into the analysis of his charts, which I did a couple of months back.

Narendra Modi’s birth details are:
17th September 1950, Vadnagar (Gujrat, India),  72e38,  23n47
There is no dispute about the data above, however, there are various birth times that were speculated and are floating around such as 11:00 am, 12:22 pm, 10:10 am etc...
If one evaluates these 3 birth time proposals mentioned above; at a high level the major difference turns out to be that of the rising sign, or Rashi Lagna. With first 2 birth-times considered, the rising sign will be Scorpio and with 3rd proposal, it would be Libra.
(Note: I always use JHora software and am presently using Jagannath Ayanaamsha – Spica in the middle of Chitra always while taking fixed solar rotation place).



Rashi Lagna: Libra or Scorpio (Refer to Figure -1 above)

To decide on the birth-time issue, I ended up comparing which of the two Lagnas in question - viz Libra and Scorpio fit the events in the native’s life better. I came to conclusion that Libra as the rising sign of the Native would be most appropriate, with following rationale; and also of-course, corroborating the chart with other events as well. (refer fig-1 for Libra and Scorpio Rashi charts)

1)      The first and the foremost argument would be around the subject of enemies. It would not be an exaggeration to say that there is unlikely to be a politician in the world who has as many enemies, overtly or covertly, as is the case with NaMo (Narendra Modi’s short abbreviation). Naturally, for seeing this point the 6th house would be of prime importance. Scorpio Lagna does NOT corroborate with this. 6th house Aries is unaspected while 6th lord, who is also Lagna lord is in Lagna along with 9th lord. Even the Lagna lord cum 6th lord is fairly free from aspect of any graha, whether benefic or malefic.  Such a condition does not support the reality. On the other hand if we consider Libra as the rising sign, we instantly get better corroboration. The 6th house has Rahu, 6th house is aspected by Badhaka lord Sun, and 12th lord (hidden enemies) Mercury from 12th which are again afflicted by the nodes. Lagna Lord Venus and 6th lord Jupiter mutually aspect each other while Jupiter also aspects Lagna. These are strong indications that this native has plenty of enemies.

2)      2nd argument is about his speech. Narendra Modi is well known for being direct, sarcastic, controversial and ruthless at times; yet his speeches have a mesmerizing & inspiring effect on people. He is also well known for delivering speeches without requiring any transcripts. For such qualities, one needs to have influence of Mars or Ketu or Both on 2nd house and/or Lord and also Karaka of speech i.e. Mercury. Considering Scorpio Lagna, 2nd house is Sagittarius and it has no influence of either Mars or Ketu or even Sun. However, 9th Lord Jupiter is having aspect of Mars, Saturn and Venus. On the other hand, if we consider Libra Lagna, 2nd house has Strong Mars with Moon. Add to that 2nd house has also influence of Ketu being co-lord of 2nd house and it is conjoined karaka of speech strong Mercury. There is influence of Rahu also on 2nd by 9th aspect. In addition to that Moon and Mars in 2nd also indicates fiery oratory, speech that is engaging for the audience. So in this argument as well I feel clearly that Libra lagna is more suitable.

The above mentioned astrological arguments are on the basis of well known principles. Likewise, Libra lagna is also corroborated by other astrological principles related to his marriage , seeming lack of interest in making money, capacity for hard work, etc. Furthermore, the annual Tithi Pravesha charts provide strong evidence as well, that his Lagna is indeed in Libra. Hence I have taken following data of his, as correct data:

17th September 1950, Vadnagar (Gujarat, India), 72e38, 23n47, Birth time 10:10 am

The complete chart is shown in figure 2:

Natal Chart

Date:          September 17, 1950
Time:          10:10:00
Time Zone:     5:30:00 (East of GMT)
Place:         72 E 38' 00", 23 N 47' 00"
               Vadnagar, India

Lunar Yr-Mo:   Vikriti - Bhadrapada
Tithi:         Sukla Shashthi (Ve) (34.54% left)
Vedic Weekday: Sunday (Su)
Nakshatra:     Anuraadha (Sa) (61.86% left)
Yoga:          Vishkambha (Sa) (32.65% left)
Karana:        Taitula (Me) (69.07% left)
Hora Lord:     Moon (5 min sign: Ar)
Mahakala Hora: Moon (5 min sign: Aq)
Kaala Lord:    Jupiter (Mahakala: Jupiter)

Sunrise:       6:29:48
Sunset:        18:38:15
Janma Ghatis:  9.1752

Ayanamsa:      23-10-04.31
Sidereal Time: 9:12:44
Body                           Longitude                   Nakshatra Pada Rasi Navamsa

Lagna                          20 Li 16' 14.59"          Visa                 1    Li   Ar
Sun                              0 Vi 33' 44.97"            UPha               2    Vi   Cp
Moon - MK                 8 Sc 25' 05.37"            Anu                 2    Sc   Vi
Mars - DK                   0 Sc 56' 52.96"            Visa                 4    Sc   Cn
Mercury (R) - GK      0 Vi 46' 52.89"            UPha               2    Vi   Cp
Jupiter (R) - PiK          6 Aq 37' 06.92"           Dhan               4    Aq   Sc
Venus - BK                 15 Le 40' 28.66"          PPha                1    Le   Le
Saturn - AK/PK                      29 Le 40' 31.11"          UPha               1    Le   Sg
Rahu - AmK                           5 Pi 13' 10.24"             UBha               1    Pi   Le
Ketu                            5 Vi 13' 10.24"            UPha               3    Vi   Aq


I would now move to some insight of his chart which I have fixed as Libra Lagna chart: (Refer to Figure No.2)

The native has Tula Lagna and Lagna lord Venus is placed in 11th (also the Badhaka House) with excellent yoga karaka Saturn. This combination is in mutual aspect with powerful 3rd and 6th lord Jupiter(R) placed in 5th house. Powerful maraka (lord of 2nd and 7th) Mars is placed with debilitated 10th lord Moon in 2nd House generating powerful dhan-yoga which goes by the name Chandra-Mangal yoga. 9th as well as 12th lord Mecury(R) is strongly placed in 12th along with Badhaka lord Sun and Ketu. Rahu is in 6th.

Let us try to judge these combinations in light of his personality and surroundings:

  • 9th lord in 12th with nodes and placed extremely close to badhaka lord sun and having 3 ways Grah-Yudhha situation amongst Sun, Mercury and Saturn suggest his very humble beginning and his extended period of struggles.

  • Sun and Saturn in Grah Yudhha (within one degree) combination suggest a lot of struggle, animosity and allegations faced, selfless and acidic attitude as well as public spirit. This combination in his chart is chiefly responsible for his career dedicated to social life (Politics). This has been further strengthening by 9th lord and 12th lord Mercury also jumping in the combination and Venus as a lagna lord also helps the entire situation. Top it up with Sankha Yoga- Mutual aspect of 5th and 6th Lord which also involves Lagna Lord. Care and compassion for people. Recipe is decisive!  The native, by past samskara, was pulled in to Public Life.

  • Venus as a Lagna lord in 11th (House of Gain, aspirations) along with 5th lord Saturn clearly indicates that he harbors aspirations of becoming Prime Minster of India in current context. Positions of power clearly motivate him. Same motivation is interestingly missing around wealth or women though (look at moon debilitation and Venus). The fact that the combination is also in the Badhaka house and aspected by 6th lord Jupiter adds a lot of exciting flavors presenting obstacles and oppositions in his aspirations. And we have a rare combination which promises a spectacular drama unfolding since more than decade now.

  • Saturn - the planet of discipline, persistence, Ruthlessness and Hard work has an added feature for Libra Lagna natives on account of his becoming Param Yoga karaka due to his ownership of 4th and 5th houses. Now such a Saturn is fully blessing the native in this chart by placement in 11th house along with Lagna lord Venus. Saturn bestows all the benefic qualities to the native by the virtue of his direct influence on Lagna and Lagna Lord. As we observed earlier, that he has aspirations to hold positions of power or say becoming PM but what about necessary attitude, hard work, tact, qualifications, support of people, shrewdness, overcoming of obstacles? All theses resources are provided chiefly by this very powerful Saturn and its complete influence of Lagnesh Venus and Lagna. He is a Man of Saturn and Mars!

  • Jupiter is strong being Vakri and placed in 5th house (Aquarius rashi). Some say that Aquarius is akin to exaltation sign for Jupiter. Guru (Jupiter), although a functional malefic for the chart, aspects Lagna and Lagna Lord. Based on this I would out right reject allegations of him possessing a communal mind. He definitely believes in “Sarva Dharma Sambhava” doctrine of Vedas. It is indeed a travesty to call him communal, non-secular, fascist etc… In fact, recently he said in an interview that there are many definitions floating for the word “secularism”; however in his own mind the word “secularism” simply translates into “Nation First”. That kind of understanding can only be available if the native has strong influence of Guru; either on Lagna or Lagnesh or Moon. And in case of this native, Lagna and Lagnesh both are strongly influenced by a strong Jupiter. Hence astrologically I completely reject that he is communal minded. Period.

  • Moon as a 10th lord is debilitated and placed in 2nd with 2nd and 7th lord Mars. I referred to his prowess in oratory earlier. He is also a poet, which can be ascribed to Moon’s influence. If one looks at his Moon, what is immediately noticeable is that Moon is weak due to being debilitated. However, a closer scrutiny will reveal that it is not that bad, and an the contrary, perhaps is quite strong. Why? Because all though Moon is in debility per se, his Rashi-dispositor and Nakshatra-dispositor are both strongly placed. Moon is in constellation of excellent yoga-karaka and powerfully placed Saturn and at the same time Moon’s dispositor Mars is strong being in his own house and conjunct with Moon.  So Moon is becoming quite stronger on account of strength of his Nakshatra-Pati as well as his Shubh-pati. This phenomenon is quite baffling. It looks to me that due to moon’s weakness due to debility, NaMo has been relentlessly “demonized” by a large section of main stream media, some NGOs, so called pseudo secularists, so called liberals and politicians since the past 11 years while at the same time due to strength of Saturn and Mars, his spirits has been unwilling to yield, leading to legendary fights against opposition, and to a steel resolve to ignore the undue demonization and yet carry on with development agenda. His popularity amongst masses and even classes is on the continuous upsurge. This is a very interesting example of interplay between Moon’s weakness (on the basis of debility) and strengths (on account of dispositors) and its projection in real life events and circumstances. I can conclude that Saturn and Mars jointly have transferred their positive power to his Mind (Moon) which has made his resolve steely. Otherwise he would have had collapsed long back by the effects of poison thrown to him day in and day out for 11 long years.

  • One of his ministers very close to him, recently remarked in an interview that NaMo is ruthless and believes in ruthlessly removing obstacles from his path. He is somewhat autocratic as well. All these things can be easily attributed to Influence of Strong Mars and Strong Saturn on his Moon. However due to strength of all these planets and benign influence of Jupiter and Venus, he is direction is towards Raj-Dharma, service and welfare of his people and hence the same attitude makes him effective in governance which is popular among masses.

  • Moon and Mars combination goes by the name of Chandra-Mangalya yoga - a well known wealth giving yoga. It has become all the more effective by its placement in 2nd House. 11th Bhava has combination of Venus (Lagna lord) and Shani (4th & 5th lord). Both these combinations are great yogas of wealth. If I complicate the matter just a bit further, look at Bhava chalita, Sun as 11th lord also joins 11th house along with 9th lord mercury, 5th lord Saturn, 2nd Lord Ketu and Lagna Lord Venus. And whole this 11th Bhava combination in Kendra from 2nd Bhava and Moon. Simply excellent combination of wealth generations. The only “decisive shift” here is of that Moon’s debility, Sun-Saturn combination as well as strength of Jupiter, Saturn and Venus. This makes him generate the wealth for Public at large and not for his own personal use. “Vibrant Gujarat” is his brain child which is immensely successful for Industrial development in Gujarat State. He also enjoys enviable rapport with many leading corporate house due to the same wealth combinations. He has also made Gujarat as powers plus state which is also due to Moon & Mars Yoga. Strength of 4th Lord Saturn also impels him to take care of the welfare of Farmer society. It is my well considered opinion that his chart suggests that he would bring wealth and prosperity of the organization for which he is at the helm of affairs. Gujarat at large has been benefited by this wealth yoga in his chart and extending the same logic I would say that India may also benefit the same way if he ever becomes PM of the country. Wishful thinking?  Not actually!

  • He has done his Masters in Political Science from Gujarat university. 4th lord and 5th lord Saturn well placed with Lagna lord and aspected by Jupiter at the same time closely associated with political planet Sun. So he can not remain illiterate. He could study subject of his liking, i.e. Politics and History due to influence of Saturn, Sun and Jupiter. 

  • Strong Mercury. Exalted and retrograde! I believe firmly that Exaltation and Retrogression is super strong combination and not weak feature. An exalted planet, if it is also retrograde, will become more powerful (to do good or to do harm) and same way, debilitated planet if Retrograde becomes all the more weak. In Narendra Modi’s case, Mercury is exalted and retrograde hence It is extremely powerful. Which why he is an excellent Marketing person (He runs Gujarat affairs like a CEO) and a great orator. Ketu, Mercury and Sun combination actually falls in 11th Bhava of the chart. 11th Bhava has 5 planet combination. Which is called as “Parivraja Yoga” (ascetic yoga). However this combination falls in 11th bhava in reality and that tells us why the Native actively did not pursue Sanyasa and rather took to social welfare and became Karm Yogi. It is well known that he wondered in Himalaya for a few years in his younger days. His leaning towards Swami Vivekananda and Sardar Patel also gives us glimpses of his innermost emotions. With this 5 planets combinations and other strong combinations, I am sure that he would be remembered in history as a statesman who, as a leader, put derailed India on a right track of development, Prosperity and Might.  

Look at some Past events in the Light of Astrology

1)      Although he was in RSS since childhood, his 1st public service life began way back in 1973/74 during Nava-nirmaan Andolan in Gujarat as a member of Akhil Bharatiya Vidyaarthi Parishad (ABVP). This came in his Mercury/Rahu period as per Vimshottari Dasha. Rahu in 6th aspecting Mercury and Sun. the period of struggle against the Authority. Mark that Leo Narayan Dasha was running at the time.

2)      Important break in his public life came in 1987 when he was inducted in young BJP organization by L.K.Advani. This happened in the very beginning of Venus Dasha. Venus is Lagna Lord joining excellent Saturn in 11th.

3)      All his important responsibilities in BJP such as Ayodhya Rath yatra was completely planned and executed by him in Venus Mahadasha. 1995 he became national secretary and incharge of 5 states and in 1998 he became General Secretary of Organisation. All in Venus Dasha in various bhuktis. However, he was almost unknown figure in general Indians. Even to average Gujaratis, he was unknown figure. The Vergo Narayan Dasha was running.

4)        The Most significant event came on 7th October 2001 when he became Chief Minsiter of Gujarat replacing Shri Keshubhai Patel. This came in Venus/Saturn/Rahu Vimshottari period and Libra Narayan Dasha. It is quite believable astrologically because Venus and Saturn are excellent planets as we have seen earlier and are very well placed in 11th bhava – the Bhava of fulfillment of aspirations. Venus as Lagna Lord and Saturn aspecting Lagna indicates that he came to public fame for the first time. If one looks at Transit- Moon was in exaltation while importantly Jupiter was with exalted Rahu and in direct opposition to Mars. An indication of horrific event which was coming to take NaMo’s CM ship by storm..nay.. tsunami! Let us glance through Tithi Pravesh chart of 2001 which falls on 24th August 2001, 6:33:54 am .Leo Lagna having Sun and Mercury in it. Satrun is in 10th, Mars in 4th, Guru & Rahu are placed in 11th, Moon in 3rd and Venus in 12th.  Note that in TP2001 Chart, Sun is very powerful with mercury. Mala yoga starts from Saturn in 10th to Sun in Lagna. Guru and Rahu combination suggest extreme religious based troubles he would face in the year. All came true in that year. He became CM for the first time in Sun’s ATP dasha while 27th February’s ghory incidence of godhara happened in Mercury ATP. Mercury is a despositer of Chandala yoga afflicting Sun and Lagna. The effects of that continued in rest of the year which was understandably under Santurn, Jupiter and Rahu ATP Dashas.
It is note worthy that incident of Godhara carnage happened during his Venus/Saturn/Jupiter Vimshottari as per his Rashi chart. Shani is in Graha Yudhha with Sun and Guru is 6th lord as well as despositor of Rahu. Infact, interestingly in Bhava chart, Guru combines Rahu. So there began the terrible trail and tribulation of Narendra Damodardas Modi. Period of unprecedented demonization, hatred, insults and at the same time, quite contrary, the period of golden days of Gujarat and birth of India’s 2nd Iron Man! Coincidentally from the same state.

5)      22nd December 2002, NaMo became CM of Gujarat for the 2nd time. This happened in Venus/Mercury period. Lagna and 9th lord periods. Let us check TP of 2002 for this event. TP 2002 falls on 12th Sept 2012, 6:02:20 am. Lagna is Leo having powerful Sun and yoga karaka Mars combination. Lagna between exalted Jupiter and exalted Mercury. Venus is also in own house in 3rd. Saturn in 11th and Rahu in 10th. There is a wonderful Mala Yoga starting from Saturn in 11th to Moon in 4th. 6 consecutive house occupied with planets. This was extremely fruitful year in NaMo’s life. Under his direct leadership, BJP won a land slide victory in Gujarat state elections and he became CM for the 2nd time. All came in Mars ATP Dasha which is quite justified looking at Mars position with Sun in Leo Lagna in ATP Chart of 2002. It is worth noting that Saturn was transiting 8th house from Natal Moon of original Rashi chart and yet he got encouraging success. However Saturn Transit was in 9th from Lagna. He did not fall during that time. Food for thought for astrologers who simply predict dooms day for anybody just by Shani deva’s transit as Sade Sati or 8th from Natal Moon. 

6)       All the above event happened in Venus Major vimshottari period. However 2007 December elections came when he was in initial phase of Sun Mahadasha. This was supposed to be interesting as well as challenging period also for astrologers to predict. Sun as badhaka lord and malefic for Libra Lagna, placed within 1 degree of Saturn, the yoga karaka. Lot of government investigation was already going on. Various organization, Media at large, NGOs, Powerful government and other allied parties were after his blood. Sun is apparently placed in 12th house and easily somebody could have predicted that he would be convicted and suffer Jail. However, now his entire Sun Mahadasha is over and he actually came out of all the cases victorious. He could not be convicted in a single case. Sun is with strong Mercury and actually placed in 11th Bhava generating many benefic yogas. May be that made him come out triumphant? check ATP of 2007 to see his victory in december 2007 elections which falls on 17th September 2007, 22:11:59.  10th lord Rahu is in 10th aspected by another 10th lord Saturn from 4th. 7th has Guru-Chandra yoga. 5th has Rajyoga with exalted mercury and 4th lord Sun. Lagna lord is well placed in 3rd. No wonder, he was again victorious in the elections and became CM for the 3rd time. It is noteworthy that since then his fame really started increasing through out India and even abroad. And for the first time general people started looking down upon Main Stream Media and pseudo secularists.

7)      Year 2012 came as a very big relief for the native. In March 2012, Time Magazine placed him on cover page and dedicated an article on him praising him. Which enhanced his fame world wide. He became the first and only CM who appeared on Time Magazine cover. In April 2012, SIT (Appointed by Supreme Court of India to investigate Gujarat riot cases) closed their report acquitting Narendra Modi from all the charges. They gave him clean chit and that was a closure on a decade long trial. And also British government removed the ban on him and resumed diplomatic relations. All these 3 events happened during his TP 2011 period. His TP2011 falls on 3rd Sept 2011, 6:09:08. again the same old story of TP charts. Sun powerful in Leo Lagna aspected strongly by 9th placed retro Jupiter who is 5th lord. Yoga karaka Mars in 11th. Interestingly, there is again a strong Mala yoga starting from 11th house Mars to 3rd placed Moon. (If I may break norms and consider nodes as well, Mala yoga starts from 9th placed Jupiter and continues uninterruptedly till 4th house Rahu). Are these Mala yoga and strong Lagna in TP Charts are proving great blessings at micro level periods of one year, for this unique statesman?

Recent prediction which came true

8)       One more interesting change came for an astrologer this year in 2012 in relation to his chart. He got over Sun Mahadasha and since Mid June 2012 came under Moon Mahadasha of 10 years. In transit, he came under sade-sati (seven & half year of Saturn cycle) of Shani deva from the reference to his natal Moon. This was a first time I predicted for him in relation to just concluded 2012 Gujarat elections. I predicted on the basis of his Moon Vimshottari Dasha as well as his TP2012 Chart and off-course the Transit of Moon, Mars and Saturn.  I had predicted a couple of month back to few of my close people that he would again have a landslide victory. I used the word spectacular for his victory. He actually won the election with 115 seats out of 182 which is, by any means, the land slide victory. It is noteworthy that he fought combined forces of Congress, Keshubhai Patel’s influence, Media and even VHP. He pulled out a single handed win against many odds. Let me describe why I predicted so. His TP 2012 falls on 12st September 2012, 8:48:53 am. Saturn in Tula Lagna with Mars while Lagna Lord Venus in 10th. This was sufficient for me. Now during the days of elections and results, transit Moon was favorably placed from his Natal Moon (13th, 17th and 20th of December 2012). While Transit Mars was also in good positions and especially on 20th, the day results were out, Mars just started transiting Capricorn- Exaltation Rashi of Mars. While although Transit Saturn is affecting his natal Moon, I doubted that Saturn would give him bad results because our native is of Libra Lagna individual having strong Saturn in Birth Rashi chart. However, I was aware that Saturn transiting in 12th from Moon and on the Natal Lagna would definitely give me a lot of worries, anxieties and troubles from oppositions. The same Saturn would also propel him to take up the challenge, put in stupendous hard work and ultimately make him victorious. It proved correct! Boy! He surprised probably many people like me by displaying gigantic capacity of putting in hard work. Just check his 2 months schedule and you would know. Here it would be noteworthy to state that I also had a little fear by Looking at debilitated Moon and Rahu combination in the same TP2012 Chart. Moon as 10th lord with Rahu and results were in Moon ATP dasha. I had a little fear of a rude shock. But as it proved that my instinct of banking on his strong points proved correct. I took rahu as not that much malefic being 5th lord and a friend of Lagnesh. It may be possible that he could not cross tally of 2007 results because of the same factor of Rahu, Moon combination.

What lies in future?

I am encouraged by just concluded Gujarat elections. The victory has come at the onset of Moon Mahadasha. Let us try to see about his security threat aspect first during his Moon Mahadasha period.

Moon is in 2nd as 10th lord along with 2nd Lord Mars. Which is a powerful Maraka (Mars is extremely strong Maraka for Tula Lagna being 2nd and 7th lord). He surely has big threat to his life in this Moon as well as Mars Dasha period which is for another 17 years.

However, his 8th lord of longevity which is also Lagna lord i.e. Venus is well placed in 11th and also associated with Excellent Yogakaraka Shani (also natural Ayushya Karaka). his 3rd lord (secondary bhava of longevity...being 8th from 8th house) is Jupiter and He is also Vakri & very well placed in 5th house in Kumbha Rashi,  aspected by Lagnesh and Shani from 11th. Mars, although a very strong Maraka, is also despositor of Moon and hence becomes Shubhpati. Moon is also strong because his Shubhpati is strong and Moon is placed in Nakshatra of very well placed Shani (excellent Yoga karaka from tula lagna).

So my judgment is that He'll Survive future attempts on his life.

Lastly about his chances of becoming PM of India in 2014.

I am encouraged by just concluded Gujarat elections. The victory has come at the onset of Moon Mahadasha. Moon is karaka of People in democracy. Moon is very strong in his chart as I have explained in the article earlier. If I look at TP2013 of NaMo, It falls on 11th September 2013, 5:40 am. Lagna again is in Leo with strong Sun in it. 10th lord venus is in 3rd in own house with Saturn and Rahu aspected by 5th lord Jupiter from 11th. 11th and 2nd lord mercury is exalted in 2nd house. Mars is debilitated in 12th but having Parivartana with debilitated Moon. And most importantly, there is again a Mala yoga starting from Jupiter in 11th and ending at Moon in 4th house.
As per his Natal Rashi chart, at the time of General Elections of India (around May 2014), he would be running Moon/Mars vimshottari period.

In transit, Saturn and Rahu would be in Libra which is 12th from Moon and on the Natal Lagna. Transit Jupiter would be in 8th from Moon while 9th from Lagna.

Astrologically, it is not easy to predict his future for the top government job of India. Transits of Saturn, Rahu and Jupiter from his Natal Moon are actually very bad. Not to forget that Moon is also the current dasha lord and the same bad influences of transits remains in terms of dasha lord as well. However I bank upon Moon’s strength in his chart coupled with Strong indications in TP2013 and Transit from Lagna of aforesaid planets. I venture in to prediction that He is the chosen instrument of mother Jagadamba to become Prime Minister of India in 2014 and would prove to be the best PM the nation has seen till now.   

Concluding Remarks:

Main Stream media is now exposed among masses. NDTV, CNN-IBN, Times of India, Hindustan Times and all such media morons are exposed and their credibility, especially in terms of demonizing Narendra Modi is now squarely backfiring on them. Narendra Modi has intelligently used Social Media (such as his own web site, Twitter, face-book and Google+ hangout) to directly connect to people, completely bypassing Main Stream Media.  Poor MSM is now ruing and blabbering with eggs on their faces. Ms. Barkha dutt and NDTV could not get even a single interview of NaMo. People active in Social media with journalistic talents such as Ravinar of has taken them on by exposing each and every lie and twisted facts spitted out by these media morons. And Finally NaMo has managed to outsmart Vote-bank Politics from Gujarat in this election and It may be the beginning of end of most detrimental demon of India called Vote-bank politics.

Jagadambaarpanmastu !!!   


  1. nothing to say Just pray that he becomes pm one day and hope he would be able to win hearts of south Indian people

    1. It is eveident that he has already won south people. The ball is in BJP's court to now announce his name

    2. AS SOON AS MODI JI BECAME CM GUJRAT HE GOT A DIVINE AAPDA OF KUTCH THEN A PLANNED,PROGRRAMED RIOTS(yes plaaned riots readers read Dharmedra Gaur's book mai angrezo ka jasoos tha)

  2. Hi Utpal, Nice Analysis. Isnt The Moon's position classic case of 'Neecha Bhanga Rajyoga'?, I am surprised you failed to mention it. Also can you analyse TP2014 for Modi?

    1. Yes I missed to mention "Neech Bhanga". may be because, i am not that much appreciative of Neech-bhanga in practice. there are too many combination which can generate Nicha/uchha bhanga. for me, Moons despositors are much better to see moon's health which is perfectly evident in Modi's chart. Just glanced through TP2014. Lagnesh Guru is exalted in 5th, 6th has Swa-gruhi Sun, 7th has exalted Badhaka Mercury & 8th has exalted Saturn with Mars&moon. Ketu in Lagna. dont want to analyse now..leave it to you. because his 2013 TP is crucial as Election will fall in that period. 2014 TP gives however one hin that he already is in powerful position.

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  4. Superb astrological analysis of NaMo's birth chart. Your rationale for rectifying the Lagna to Libra instead of Scorpio makes lots of sense. You are gifted with wonderful predictive techniques and tools.I will be looking forward to more such astrology based articles from you....

    1. Humbled by your praises Manjushaji! Dont promise but if inspired, I would definately post few articles in future. Thank you again for the encouragement.

  5. Great article Utpal!!!
    So happy to know that Modiji was born under anuraddha nakshatra and Libra Rasi...I'm also born under the same combination(btw I do not know much about astrology).....

    Do you check indvidual's horoscopes?

    Also could you do a similar analysis of Sonia Gandhi??? I want to know when she will be booted out of this country forever!!!

  6. Hello AK, I have done readings for many many personal charts. But since few years, my passion has surprisingly gone down. I am not sure if I would do the simmiliar analysis of anybody's chart. NaMo was a very special case hence i spent my time on him. Thanks.

  7. Sir, why dont you also analyze his chart with scorpio ascedent and truness of the scorpio ascedent with his mariage life, 7th lord Venus with saturn, caused separation or divorce, and he is manglik because his marsh at Lagna sthan. He is facing opposition being nonsecularand aggressive because of Marsh in his own sign.

    1. I checked Scorpio. It doesnt make sense. the point you have mentioned is even better explained with Libra lagna. 7th lord with debilated moon, in a Marak Sthana & 8th from 7th house. 2ndly, unprecedented opposition, demonisation, hatred just can not be explained by Scorpio but easily explained by Libra. so I am convinced that He must be a Libra Lagna native.

  8. Has anyone bothered checking AAP party Arvind Kejriwal's horoscope. I am surprised no one is bothered to even give it a look. I read somewhere that he will be instrumental in Delhi politics post 2014 because his party was formed in very very auspiscious day taking astrolgers advise into account.

  9. Read the past of SrreKumar. Why would SIT want to believe anything of what he said?

  10. Youth wants next PM of India should be Modi.Many astrologers proclaiming about this.They declare Free astrology reports ,nowadays people too are taking interest in these reports.
    Free Indian astrology

  11. India shld decide if it wants an efficient leader like modiji or falling under the feet of congress.already we lost all the wealth, growth, hope of this congress rule which is totally corrupt in all angles

  12. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  13. Dear Utpal,

    Really Thanks a lot for this great piece of work.

    I searched earlier too about NaMo Horoscope but was confused about Lagan . . U explained it really well why it should be Libra Lagan . .

    Shani & Shukra "Shahsha " Yoga really do wonders . .and about Moon being planet of masses, will provide great results . . i pray

    In last comment "NDTV, CNN-IBN, Times of India, Hindustan Times and all such media morons" . . u Nailed it perfectly . . i watch them only to see what they are saying against NaMo . .

    They r just jealous that he is still rising . .U will die laughing on views of Karan thapar . . .

    May god Bless NaMo . .and save him from any assaisination attempt . the alst thing Congress will do

    1. Thanks for your comment. Please also see my new analysis of "NaMo's PM announcement chart" which i am posting today

  14. Dear sir,
    Nice prediction given above,
    r u providing service / analysis for any person.

  15. No Sir. Its not my profession but passion. Though I do chart reading when somebody has a noteworth/serious issue.

  16. Any chance Arvind Kejriwal will stop Narendra Modi's march to PMship? Also I read on most other blogs that it is unlikely for Modi to become PM in MAy 2014 but there are good chances of him getting the top job post Nov 2014. Your thoughts?

  17. Dear Utpal,

    Thanks a lot for this great piece of work.....

    Could you please make a prediction of the missing Malaysian Airoplane and the fate of the passengers in that plane?

    Thanks & Regards,

  18. Dear Utpal,
    Congratulations , for successful predictions and hard work to arrive at.
    BTW now time of birth from family source is given 9:35 AM.

    1. 9:35 fits with the Libra lagna. Libra lagna is in effect from 8:40am to 10:54 am.

    2. Namste, I never went into Varga chart for him due to the ambiguity of his time. as Ankur has clarified, Its still Tula Lagna for which I feel assured about.

    3. Namaste,
      I recently wrote two comments (comment section) in reply to a person under the "UP/PUNJAB...Election"
      these comments clarifies why i take 10:10 to be correct or near correct time.

      For your convenience, i am pasting them here inside bracket.
      Singh ji, i have zeroed-in on 10:10 on two main factors:
      1) Tula lagna fits very well in main Rashi chart (D1)
      2) Dashmansha (D10) which is looked for Karma in society, career, power, success/failures at work.

      If you select 10:10, you get
      1)Mesh lagna in D10 having 9th lord Guru with Digbal strength.
      2) 10th house has 4 Grahas namely Sun (5th Lord), Moon (4th Lord), Venus (2nd/7th lord) and Mercury (3rd/6th Lord). They generate many Rajyoga in 10th of D10.
      3) Rahu is exalted in 3rd
      4) 10th lord Shani in 2nd and 2nd lord Venus in 10th generating Simhasan Yoga by exchange (Parivartan between 2nd and 10th lord)
      5) 9th has spiritual ketu which is the planet of high level of detatchment and Lagna lord Mars goes to 12th which, in a positive chart like this, suggest *giving* and tyaag.

      Hence D10 suggest an out and out detached Karm Yogi with very high level of powers and responsibilities.

      with 9:35, D10 chart the charts changes completely and does not show things as it is evident in real life.

      I have also studied the D10 Vimshottari dasha which fits well with NaMo's ascendancy to power - 1st as CM and then as PM.
      One more imp thing i missed pointing out...
      In D10 there is aso exchange of Lagna lord and 12th lord i.e. parivartana between Mars & Guru.
      This finally provides undeniable stamp on the fact that the Person is tyaagi and a giver all his life.
      He delights in giving to the society. So 10:10 am in my opinion is the correct or near correct time.

  19. Thanks so much for sharing this awesome info! I am looking forward to see more postsby you! Birth Chart Predictions

  20. sir stumbled upon thi beautiful article while searching for TP i am jobless and wanted to know how new year commencing in dec this year will be for me.
    in TP libra rises (which is 9th house rashi in natal) second house has saturn and moon, which is debilated in natal chart too since its 6th lord of natal and 10 lord of TP chart does that mean no job this year too? note in TP dispositor of moon that is mars is in trine in 5th housr and in natal too its in 9th house libra with venus

  21. This one is really interesting, rather I don't believe in astrology but politics is all about analysis and predictions so it might be helpful. All those who are interested in Indian politics may also take help from the Live Now India as they can also provide you with the latest updates and updated news.

  22. Even Ashoka the Great had excellent punya/welfare yogas in his horoscope! Doesn't change the fact that he was a tyrant!

  23. Nice to have your predictions @PunyaPrakop, I appreciate your predictions as well as your reply to your criticizers. As you said, the end result matters which means that BJP formed government in both the states. Now, I have a few questions and request your predictions:

    1. There are some internal issues in BJP in Gujarat and as they are just 7 ahead of the majority mark, will Illegitimate party Congress try to get some mileage and topple BJP in Gujarat by buying MLAs or doing some other wrong doings?

    2. Can you please also predict results for upcoming elections in various states of India in 2018 and 2019?

    3. Can you please also predict results of India General Elections 2018-2019?

    4. Some are discussing that Rahul Gandhi and Congress will get Rajyoga from 2020 for another ten years. Is it something that will happen?

    5. Predictions about Narendra Modi Ji and other prominent politicians of India?

    Alok Agarwal

  24. Amazing Analysis Utpal ji on December 25 2012 itself about something that world saw on May 16 2014 . Hats off to Jyotish SHASTRA and your knowledge of Jyotish SHASTRA.

  25. Can you predict when this fattu will hold a press conference?
    or appear for a unscripted interview?

    1. The fattu did hold a press conference yesterday, and still could not take a single question. ho ho ho.


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